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Drop-In Tutoring at The Howard Johnson Hotel

The Gateway Tutoring program is currently partnering with volunteer tutors and hotel staff to provide drop-in English tutoring for students who are staying in temporary housing at the Howard Johnson Hotel in South Portland. Most of these kids are new arrivals to the United States and are waiting to be enrolled in school.

There are weekly drop-in tutor sessions held on Wednesdays in the community room at the hotel. One session will be held once a week from 4:00-6:00pm for 5-19 year olds with a focus on English. This can include reading together, talking together, and working on packets created by ELL teachers.

Gateway staff members will be in attendance for these drop-in sessions to assist tutors and students as needed. If you are interested, please fill out this form or email [email protected] 

Long-term Matching

Through our long-term matching program, Gateway staff pair up k-college students with community volunteer tutors whose skills and experience match up with the students’ needs. This program encourages tutors and students to work together consistently over a long period of time on building the students’ skills and achieving their long-term academic goals.

Tutoring can take place at the Gateway Hubs (located in Portland and Lewiston) or online. A Gateway staff member will facilitate introductions between tutors and students and fill out the Tutoring Program Agreement Form. These “matching meetings” can also include students’ parents, guardians, interpreters, or case managers if necessary.

Thanks to an overwhelming response from the community, we are not accepting new student referrals at this time. We will reopen the referral form when spots are available. If you would like to stay up to date on Gateway’s programming and how you can support this work, click below to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Who does this Program Serve?

The long-term matching program is intended to support students who are currently enrolled in school. We support students from kindergarten through college. 

COVID-19 Protocols

We are very excited that students and tutors can now meet at our Gateway hubs, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure these in-person meetings are safe for everyone. All tutors who meet in-person are required to be vaccinated.

Masks are encouraged but not required. Thank you for helping us keep our tutoring program safe and healthy! If you are over the age of 12 and you need to get your free COVID-19 vaccine, or if you have other questions or concerns, please contact Krista Pierce at [email protected] 

Information for Tutors

We are excited to be welcoming new tutors into the Gateway Tutoring Program for the summer of 2022! Please fill out the referral form below to become a long-term matching tutor.

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