Community Youth Coalition

Formerly the COVID-19 Youth Coalition, GCSM originally developed youth led Coalitions in Lewiston and Portland, each with 10 members, to help our community deal with the challenges of COVID-19. Information being shared in our community about the virus is not targeted towards youth and some youth are having difficulty understanding and/or following the steps that need to be taken now to keep people safe and healthy. It’s critical that youth-specific messaging is developed and delivered by trusted youth in the community on questions such as: what exactly is COVID-19, how to stay safe during this pandemic, what does the stay at home order mean, how to stay connected with others while at home, and what community resources are available. This is a good opportunity for youth to learn, grow, and show leadership in this time of community crisis. 

In addition to leading the conversation about COVID-19, the youth in the Coalition have also led conversations on voting as well as on race and racism through their ongoing Black Realities panels. Next, they are planning to start conversations on climate change and how it affects vulnerable populations through the new Color of Climate Cohort. 

To reach out to the Youth Coalition, please reach out to Safiya Khalid at: [email protected]

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Recording of a Black Realities Session

Each week, Youth Coalition members:

- Meet (virtually) with the Coalition to determine how best to share accurate information in ways that are meaningful to youth and to discuss successes and challenges.
-Connect with youth in the community via phone, text, email, and social media to share information and provide support and connection during this challenging time.
-Report resource needs identified within the community. Track # and type of youth contacts made. Have strong connections with youth in the community.
-Demonstrate effective communication skills. Be able to plan and problem solve with others.