How do you feel the US’s response has compared with other countries around the world?

I feel that the response to COVID was very slow and wasn’t productive at the very beginning.

I feel the USA responded a little slowly to the warning signs.

It fell short of what I expected as compared to other nations.

I think that the US's response compared to other countries around the world was extremely terrible, yet I am not surprised. A lot of the other countries took it seriously from the very beginning, hence why their numbers weren't as high as the US. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the US thought that it was a joke, some even going as far as calling it the Chinese virus and thinking that it would not get to the US and it certainly did not help the matter when some of the people in charge who the population was supposed to look up to for answers did not take it seriously either. This way of thinking clearly did not do us any favors because we have the highest number of cases in the whole world, and so if we are unfortunate enough to have another situation like this strike the world, I think it would be beneficial for everybody if we all took it serious from the beginning.

Depends on the topic. In terms of testing and early detection, South Korea took the cake in the awakening of the pandemic. In terms of city wide cleaning, Japan and Saudi Arabia did great. In terms of economic protection, the European Union and Canada really came through for its citizens.

They did the best they could, I can’t compare.

As the richest country in the world US government should have helped its people better.

As the US was the first country to reopen, I think they responded much better than other countries.

I feel like we took this virus as somewhat a joke while other countries took it more seriously a lot quicker.

I really don’t know what to say.