What was your experience with COVID-19? How did it impact your life and the life of your family members/friends?

Like everyone in the world, COVID-19 has been difficult and navigating the new normal has been a challenge. Being a student, I’ve had to adapt to remote learning, since many places have restrictions due to the pandemic its hard to find a job.

Like all people, the pandemic has been a big challenge. COVID disrupted my work and that was hard.

As a result of COVID, I was forced to relocate for work, causing a demand on myself, family, and friends.

My experience with COVID-19 was all over the place. At first it took some getting used to having to always remember to have your mask with you every time you leave your house, and you are not able to do the same activities that you're used to without having to be extra cautious. But after a while it got a lot easier because it became a habit.

My experience with COVID-19 was extremely rough. I was sick for two weeks. The first week was absolute horror. It was the cold times ten. My mom and siblings took care of me but unfortunately, they began to show similar symptoms as me. My symptoms included headache, eye pain, intense cough, fever, runny nose and fatigue. To this day, the cough persists despite being completely healed.

It was very scary, what we hear on media about how the virus was difficult, people dying. I had COVID before.

Very scary, yes, I also had COVID.

I lost my job, and my mother was constantly exposed as she is an essential worker.

COVID-19 was a real challenge in my entire life I never faced! I couldn't imagine such a period in life.

I thought it was a scary thing for the whole globe to be experiencing. It was scary to watch the news and hear about people dying in large numbers daily both in the USA and other countries. Wearing masks and having to carry had sanitizer and wipes everywhere I went took a while for me to get used to. Knowing that no matter how much precautions I took, I still wouldn’t be able to fully 100% protect my family worried me a lot.

We ended up contracting COVID-19 and could not taste or smell food, we were constantly tired, and my body felt numb. Moreover, we could not see family/ friends face-to-face. We could not cook, so people would bring food and just leave it at the door, no talking, just at the doorstep. The food that helped the most was lemon as it was the only thing we could taste.