Do you feel that COVID-19 poses a serious threat? 

I believe that COVID-19 poses a serious threat; the numbers demonstrate this. With the number of infections and deaths we have a visual representation of the seriousness of the pandemic.

Yes, COVID-19 poses a very serious threat. Many people have died from it so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Yes, due to its uncertainty.

I think that everything is an unknown, especially when it comes to things such as new viruses and medical conditions, we should take them seriously until we know enough about it to be able to make a better judgement on the risks that it entails.

Yes, I do believe that COVID-19 poses serious risks. There are many things we know and don't know. This virus has the potential to leave long-lasting injuries that may only arise at older age for younger populations. Anyone with preexisting health conditions will have a much harder time fighting the virus.



Yes, as it attacks your lungs it is a deadly disease.

Yes, COVID-19 wasn't easy to combat!

Yes, it’s really scary.