What do you feel put you most at risk for contracting COVID-19? 

I feel that being in crowded areas is a big risk and not wearing a mask in areas where social distancing is not possible.

Going to work was a big risk and being in places with little social distancing.

The unwillingness of some people to follow established safety measures and misinformation circulating.

I think that the thing that put me most at risk for contacting COVID-19 was being around people who did not really care to try and be cautious because if they continue to be careless and just live carefree without taking any other precautions seriously, there was no telling whether they would pose as a threat or not, especially because people could be asymptomatic as well as symptoms manifesting differently in everybody.

As a healthcare worker, I am at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

Maybe because people were not socially distancing.

Very careful, wear mask, my husband goes shopping for food (does the groceries), so we probably got it that way.

Respiration issues that may end up in death.

Seeing all death numbers going higher, and some around my circle, also seeing how the social-economic is impacted!

I feel that working in the healthcare field put me an increased risk since I did not know what colleagues do once they leave work.