Did you feel that you had adequate, reliable access to information about COVID-19? 

Yes; I received COVID-19 related information on the news and reading off the Maine CDC website. The information covered areas with the most infections. It also covered masking polices and social distancing guidelines.

Yes; I got my information from the local news and Maine CDC site. The information covered high areas of infection and how to protect myself from the virus.

Yes; I received info from  the CDC website, media, and press briefings.  It covered all aspects, from safety to getting tested and measures to protect others.

I had adequate access to information about COVID-19 however the issue was whether these resources were reliable or not especially because there was a lot of inconsistency with what everybody was saying, it made it hard to know who exactly had the correct information, but also because the virus was still very new it was impossible to expect people to have all the information because things keep changing. The information that I did get covered topics such as how to stay safe (wear a mask, wipe down surfaces, use hand sanitizer etc.) and eventually when the vaccine was accessible to the general population where to get vaccinated.

I received most of my information from the CDC website and nursing triage at CMMC. 

Yes, the news. Which covered general info, doctors, safety precautions etc.

Yes, I used to work for Barron Center (nursing home) as a CNA. We had to wear masks, wash our hands, and sanitize after handling each resident. I have got tested, it came out negative. We had a training on COVID-19 Prevention, and how to identify symptoms.

Yes, CDC, news, and other sources of information did a great job with a daily briefing and updates. I used different platforms includes CDC's official website, or government reports, and sometimes watching the news. The access required access to the Internet which was not easy after getting out of work and keep paying bills.

Yes. I received information from the news media and sources such as WHO, CDC and Dr Fauci. The info covered daily statistics, death rates, how the virus spreads and what preventative measures needs to be taken.

No reliable access to info.

What could have helped you feel more confident in understanding the complexities of COVID? 

I feel that more transparency regrading COVID would have been very helpful.

I think myself and a lot of people would have felt more comfortable understanding the complexities of COVID if the people in higher places were able to provide the general population with more consistent information regardless of what platform you are looking at this information on.