What do you wish you had known about COVID-19?

I wish I had known a little about viruses similar to COVID-19. This may have helped me to understand a little more about COVID.

I wish I would have known a little more about how the virus spreads.

Information about its severity early on to help reduce the effect.

I wish that I and the general population at large would have been able to know go back to safety precautions to take sooner rather than later, with the emphasis on the severity of not taking this seriously enough. I do think that this couldn't have been avoided though because new information kept popping up every day, the virus manifested differently in everybody, not to mention that the virus itself evolved.

I wish I had known how terrible it would feel to be sick with COVID-19. I also wish I had necessary medication on hand. I think it would be nice if people were aware of helpful OTC medication such as Tylenol and Nyquil that reduce cough and fever.

How deadly, and contagious it could be | Keeping distance, wash hands , wearing masks, and sanitize.

I think, I would be more comfortable if I knew more about vaccines and what to expect in a few years from now. To know that COVID is a biological threat and we need to stay alert and keep guidelines to avoid any gigantic impact.

I feel like we could have been told sooner about how to stay safe in order to stop the virus sooner because by the time we started taking precautions and closing public places, the virus had already started spreading in the country.

The very important thing is to stay home as much as you can; mask all the time; only go out for necessary things; hand sanitizers all the time to protect yourself and other people.

How could community members be better prepared/equipped to deal with COVID-19? 

If the federal government had been more productive, it would have helped the state government, and this in turn could have helped community members.

I feel that if there was a person from the state communicating with community members it would have been a great help. I feel that support from the state and federal government would have helped local people prepare and equip communities to deal with COVID.

Given the correct information and resources to combat the pandemic.